A Note from Ron

Six months ago, I was a full time businessman running a manufacturing business that I have been building for the last 31 years. I had no political aspirations; this is not my life’s ambition.

But, our country is moving in the wrong direction. People are out of work. Families are struggling and they are worried. And Washington’s response has been incredibly ineffective and extremely expensive. Our national debt now stands at $13.6 trillion and threatens the future prosperity of America.

Wisconsin voters have a very clear choice this November 2nd.

They can vote for Senator Feingold, a career politician, who cast the deciding votes for the failed stimulus package and the health care bill. He also voted for the last 3 budgets that have added over $3 trillion to our nation’s debt.

Or they can vote for a citizen legislator who has private sector experience balancing a budget, producing products, exporting products, and creating real jobs. Someone who has had a full career, raised a family, and is willing to apply that lifetime of experience to help our economy grow again, so we can start creating jobs and get our nation’s spending and debt under control.

The idea and promise of America is something incredibly precious, America is exceptional. And it is our job to make sure it not only survives for future generations, but that it thrives. That is why I am running for US Senate and that is why I am asking for your vote.