Get Involved

Seven ways you can help Ron defeat Russ Feingold

This is a fight for freedom. It’s not someone else’s fight, this is our fight. And it is a fight that we absolutely must win.” – Ron Johnson

1.) Become a fan on Facebook and Twitter. or

2.) Watch our new ad, “Made In America” and share it with your social networks

3.) Plan to attend our pre-election rally in Oshkosh on Friday night, including special guests Congressman Paul Ryan, WTMJ’s Charlie Sykes, and more. Learn more by clicking here

4.) Have you made calls at a Victory Center yet? Help spread the message and get out the vote by Signing Up for a Shift a Victory Center near you today!! You can also CALL FROM HOME by emailing for details.

5.) Send a letter to the editor. Share your thoughts. Why do you support Ron? Why do you think it’s time to fire Feingold? Tell others why you’re voting for Ron by writing a letter today. Click here for a link to newspapers across the state.

6.) Lit Drops! Would you like to help drop off literature to get our message out? Download a lit drop piece and distribute it far and wide! DOWNLOAD AND PRINT THE LIT DROP PIECE at

7.) And most importantly…DON’T FORGET TO VOTE!!! Visit to find your polling place and information about early voting.